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Company introduction

Anhui Heneng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in solar photovoltaic power generation integrated system design, installation; Can provide customers with photovoltaic power generation systems, photovoltaic water pumping system, wind system and wind-light complementary system, technical consultation, design, installation, commissioning, maintenance, such as integration services; At the same time, research and development, production, sales of solar photovoltaic control system, inverter power supply, household photovoltaic, pv system integration equipment (bracket system, lightning protection junction box, ac/dc power distribution cabinet) such as photovoltaic (pv) of new energy application products.

Company is located in hefei China, science and technology park innovation pilot city demonstration zone, is a solar photovoltaic, wind power and other new energy products specializing in the production of the enterprise and its system equipment, dozens of companies have long been engaged in the research and development of new energy industry, has a number of products with independent intellectual property rights; And with China university of science and technology, photovoltaic research center in hefei university of technology, anhui electric power design institute and so on a number of colleges and universities scientific research institutes to establish a long-term relations of cooperation. Also with the institute of China electronics technology group co., LTD. 38 established long-term strategic cooperation.

Anhui Heneng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd . Through the quality management system; Can provide customers with high quality, high reliability products. In anhui province, close to new energy can provide customers with photovoltaic project consulting, photovoltaic system, solar photovoltaic power station design, installation, commissioning, maintenance and other integrated engineering integration services, is one of the excellent domestic photovoltaic systems integrators; Our main products are as follows: pv inverter, photovoltaic off-grid photovoltaic inverter, the convergence of lightning protection box, photovoltaic lightning protection dc, ac distribution cabinets, photovoltaic system support, etc.

Anhui Heneng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd . Is a company dedicated to supply power for the global solar photovoltaic power station development services and solutions, has rich project management experience, has a mature new sunshine mature technology, solar radiation data best Angle optimization design method, photovoltaic (pv) grid access system technology, as well as comprehensive, modular photovoltaic power station project design technology, can according to customer needs to provide project application, project design, system integration, project general contracting, operation and maintenance and other comprehensive solution services.

Companies adhering to the "new energy future" concept, with "dedicated clean energy service harmonious society" for the mission. Is committed to promoting the development of China's new energy industry, adhere to high efficient renewable energy technology, new products to serve the society, serve people.

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